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Non Exclusive/mp3/wave Lease – Beat License

THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into on the date of purchase serves as a legally binding contract between Jacebeats (“Licensor”) and Buyer (“Licensee”). This agreement grants the Licensee non-exclusive rights to the instrumental named Instrumental/Beat

License Agreement: NON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS Sound Recording/BEATS

Synchronization Rights
The Licensor hereby grants synchronization rights for unlimited non-monetized video streams. A higher license will need to be purchased for monetized video streams such as “ownership” or “exclusive-rights”.

Publishing and Royalties
The Licensor shall retain 100% of Publishing for this license. 

The Licensee is entitled to keep 100% of all royalties that is generated from sales of the Master Recording on digital retailers (such as iTunes) and through physical sales (such as Compact Disks).


1. Leasing rights allow you to use the beat for ONE commercial recording or broadcast.

2. This recording can then be distributed at your price for up to 10,000 copies.

3. Selling more than 10,000 copies means you must acquire a new lease or exclusive rights if exclusive rights to the track haven’t been sold.

4. You may also use the beat for non-profit promotional use or demos. (no free downloads)

5. You have full rights to record, alter, mix the beat/song in any shape, way, or form (except reselling the beat).

6. In the event that someone buys exclusive rights to the beat you have leased, your rights shall stand for 1 year or 10,000 copies are sold.

7. You must give full credit to verbally or in writing on all commercial recordings.

8. Upon purchasing leasing rights, the seller still owns the beat(s) and the seller is able to resell the beat(s) to any other party until exclusive rights have been purchased.

Master Recording

The Licensor hereby grants the Licensee the right to record vocal and/or instrumental synchronization to any or all parts of the Instrumental. The Licensee understands that their non-exclusive usage of the Instrumental is limited to one new composition and if the Licensee wishes to use the Instrumental in other new compositions, then the Licensee must obtain another license to use the Instrumental from the Licensor. The Licensee also agrees to refrain from editing the Instrumental that is being licensed in this agreement, by changing the arrangement of the Instrumental or by removing any melodies, instruments, drum programming or sounds that are contained within the Instrumental.


The Licensor maintains 100% full rights (copyright and ownership) of the instrumental and can continue to sell it non-exclusively and/or exclusively. The Licensee has neither the right nor authority to sell or license the rights to the Instrumental whether in whole or part to any other party. In the event, another individual purchase exclusive rights to your licensed Instrumental you will retain your non-exclusive rights under the limitations listed in this agreement and until these terms have been fulfilled.


The Licensee must give production credit to the Licensor for any and all distributed material. This can be done verbally (through recorded vocals on the Master Recording) or written in or on the CD booklet or outside cover. The Licensor reserves the right to keep an audio signature at the beginning of all non-exclusive instrumentals.

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