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Torrey B

Torrey B. is an old soul with a unique sound that fills a void in the hearts and minds of his followers.  He currently plays six shows a week and his versatility and natural born talent make a career in music an attainable goal.


He strays from the mainstream model and takes his listeners on a journey through inner space in an attempt to define himself through song.

With colorful originals and a new spin on some old classics it is clear that Torrey B. aims to leave the crowd wanting more.


“When he sings he opens a door to his soul and invites you in for the duration of the song”- Ron Humphries


His opening EP “Free soul” is a testament to the duality of human nature, boldly exploring the yin and yang of each situation.


Timeless in that it reflects the true nature of human life and interactions” –Jerry Adam Puryear


“Torrey B Unplugged” provides a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming EP “Free Soul”. It is available for download for free!! Check it out, Share it with your loved ones and feel free to let us know what you think. (We love constructive criticism)

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